Computex provides an effective, state-of-the-art network for customers 24x7x365 that leads to increased network reliability, enhanced performance, and agility.

Worldwide Headquarters Everywhere?

Computex offers an all-in-one business communications solution to improve workplace communication, efficiency, productivity, and to ensure greater success within organizations through team collaboration.

Always Up & Always Online

With multiple enterprise/ business-grade means of transport, your business will have a consistent performance with the highest rate of availability provided to the users.

No Rush Hour Or Detours, You Control The Traffic

With Dynamic Path Selection & Traffic Control, we use sophisticated fingerprinting to identify users, content, and applications on the network. Computex can offer real-time traffic & access control on your network with set priorities.

HALT, Who Goes There?

Keep ahead of any malicious activity with a powerful single pane of glass approach to your security. With Computex, get a full summary of threats across all your networks.

There's No "All Day Streaming" At Work

Sophisticated content filtering enables the users of your network to enjoy the benefits of the Internet while remaining protected from inappropriate or harmful content, maintaining productivity and compliance with applicable business and regulatory requirements.

What Happened?

Computex provides 24x7x365 Security & Network Operations for all your alerting and troubleshooting needs. We maintain all the incidents & change management processes and procedures your business needs.

Don’t Worry We’ve Got Your Back 24x7x365

We’re here to take the stress out of managing your IT and communication services. Our U.S. based, state of the art, operating centers monitor 24x7x365, letting you focus on what matters the most, your business.

Hardware Options

Computex provides hardware for connectivity alongside transport, plus a huge range of devices from small to medium, large, and remote connectivity hardware. All of the hardware comes with the license.

Meraki MX67C 400Mbps

Small Office Connectivity Hardware with built-in LTE

Meraki MX100 750Mbps

Medium Office Connectivity Hardware

Meraki MX250 4Gbps

Large Office Connectivity Hardware

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