Why Modern Companies are Turning to Managed NOC Services

With the rise of disruptive technologies like IoT solutions and virtualization that make up the modern network, managing IT resources in-house is becoming more difficult every day. In an attempt to manage these services effectively, many companies are turning to managed service providers (MSPs). 

The Managed Services market is antiquated to grow by a CAGR of 11.27% between 2020-2025. One of the most popular services offered by MSPs is managed Network Operations Center (NOC) services. These services are where an MSP monitors a company’s network infrastructure from a central location with remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to detect and remediate performance issues. 

Greater Awareness 

According to Joel Garrison, Solution Architect of Cloud & Managed Services at Computex, one of the key advantages of Managed NOC services is greater awareness of a company’s infrastructure. “Managed services allow for the awareness of your environment and knowing where the issues are. Not just knowing what the squeaky wheel is,” Garrison said. 

As networks and IT infrastructure have become more complex, the expertise required to maintain those environments has also increased. Modern IT professionals need to have the knowledge, budget, and ability to monitor storage, storage networks, computing resources like CPU and memory, hypervisors, bare metal, and on-premise applications. 

As a consequence, many companies are switching to managed NOC services with years of experience dealing with security, configuration, and performance issues. “With managed services, you’re going to gain the awareness of requirements on exactly what’s in it [the environment], what’s broken, how it’s broken, and how we can move forward,” Garrison said. 

Reducing costs and freeing up in-house resources 

Another key advantage of managed NOC services is that they cut costs while also freeing up the time of on-site employees. A recent survey by Hurtwitz & Associates showed that 70% of Dell Managed Services (DMS) customers used MSPs to free up internal staffers to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Also, 92% of DMS customers reported that they were getting higher levels of service with MSPs than their previous IT management strategy. The reason for this is that most companies cannot recreate the highly-specialized expertise of an MSP with limited inhouse resources. 

Rather than purchasing expensive software solutions and hiring costly new staff, a company can outsource its network operations to a third party with the resources to provide a higher standard of service. 

Managed NOC Services Post Covid-19

In the post-covid-19 world, as more companies gravitate towards remote working and off-site operations, managed IT services will become increasingly relevant. Managed NOC services provide companies with a cost-effective way to manage network security that’s difficult to replicate on-site. While many companies choose to manage network operations in-house, this can often be a costly road, that entails hiring new staff and paying a premium for advanced monitoring solutions. In many cases, an MSP can provide a better service for less. 

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