You may have recently heard about some Texas-based MSPs getting attacked with ransomware. We want to assure you that Computex has not been compromised by any of the current security breaches. As your MSP provider, we wanted to provide some context around what a ransomware attack means, what security measures we have in place, and what to do in case an incident occurs.


Last week, a threat actor compromised a managed service provider, which then hit twenty-two local Texas governments with file-encrypting malware. The attacker demanded a collective ransom of $2.5 million. The reason why this attack was possible is mainly due to open-source remote desktop connection issues and the lack of up-to-date system patching.


Here at Computex, we follow industry best practice and procedures to secure our customer’s networks and data.  In addition, those customers that utilize our Managed Services offerings.  

  • We have a state-of-the-art internal Security Operations Center that works in collaboration with our Managed Services team and Network Operations Center.  The security team is actively scanning our networks to look for vulnerabilities and unusual behavior by systems or malicious activities by users.
  • We do not utilize any open-source remote desktop connection software. All our remote desktop connections are licensed software that has a dedicated team of developers and engineers that actively update and improve the software to ensure any exploits are removed and the software functions only as intended.
  • We follow industry best practice and procedures on identifying and patching our environment. Computex review system alerts and identify any outdated patches and system upgrades and updates them within industry standards.
  • We utilize enterprise-level security hardware and software from the world’s leading manufacturers to secure our data center and networks. In addition, we have trained cybersecurity professionals to ensure that hardware and software are correctly implemented to allow us to secure our environment.


Depending on how your environment is being managed by our MSP team, Computex has a incident response plans in place to remediate each of your companies unique issue(s). If you have any question, please reach out to your Account Executive if you would like to understand your specific incident response plan in more detail. 

For additional questions or comments, please reach out to your Account Executive to set up a meeting with our cybersecurity team. 

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