Data Center security

Guide to a modern and secure data center

Data centers are the physical locations where data is stored. Your company may have a data center of its own, but it is more likely that you use at least some cloud storage products, which are served by data centers all over the globe. Both have their benefits, and now experts believe that hybrid IT plans are the way of the future. The following are some features of the most modern data centers.

Hybrid data

Hybrid IT models offer users the best of physical storage and cloud storage. Companies can use either for their most appropriate uses and scale their storage through the cloud. It also helps to mitigate costs. More expensive physical storage can be used only for what is necessary, and the rest can be in the more flexible and more affordable cloud. They allow for agile development because this type of plan can change and grow easily with your needs. A hybrid data center is flexible and gives your business what it needs.

If you have any type of physical storage and use any cloud-based service, you’re already following a hybrid data storage strategy.

Physical security

While cybersecurity is very important when it comes to data storage, modern data centers also have physical security measures to keep them safe. Some of the most extreme cases can be found on “bulletproof” hosting sites – controversial hosting companies who provide services to high profile political organizations. Some of these data centers are in discreet locations in literal bunkers, making clients feel extra secure. However, there are things that every modern data center can do to improve physical security.

At the most basic level, data centers should not have many windows, and any present should be made from bomb-resistant glass. Security cameras are also an important part of physical security. With a good network of cameras, your team will find it easy to spot anything out of place. Finally, biometrics should play a part in any data center’s security scheme. Use two-factor authentication with a key card plus biometric data point for access to make sure absolutely no one gets in who is not supposed to be there.

Keep it cool

Cooling is part of keeping any type of data center up and running. The CPUs and other electronics used to store data create a lot of heat. The most modern data centers, such as some of those owned by Google and IBM, use this heat to warm up other facilities including pools and buildings. Even with this eco-friendly idea, all data centers need a cooling plan. Some use air chilling, water cooling or even refrigerant. If you don’t keep servers cool enough, they may slow down, and some loss of performance may be permanent. Servers and data storage are a huge financial investment, and keeping it cool helps it to last longer.

Curious how you can utilize the benefits of both a physical data center and cloud storage for a hybrid solution? Contact Computex for more data storage tips and ideas to improve your business’ data plan with innovative ideas and solutions.


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