Hybrid & Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Experience the freedom of public cloud with Computex where a third party offers and runs the services via the public internet. Unlike the private cloud, public infrastructure allows access to unlimited computer resources and there is practically no downtime.

Cloud Migrations

Scalability: Ability to expand or decrease computer processing, memory, and storage resources without having to worry a bit about the planning cloud capacity. Spikes in requests can be handled extremely well by the cloud without choking the system.

Resilience: With promising resources jam-packed with cutting-edge tech, experience low latency and that too for the huge amount of data, which is nearly impossible for traditional hardware to handle


Achieve your enterprise goals by opting for the Multi-cloud to have certain control and discretion on sensitive data of your organization while having access to unlimited computing resources and the cloud for its benefits.

Agility Managing multi-cloud computing could be complex and require proper training. Computex provides competent services With the right expertise to help you achieve complete agility.

Robust Security We understand that you cannot afford to have any kind of security breach which is why cloud providers go one step further to ensure staying ahead of any potential threats by updating software and accessing security.

Risk Management With a ​​multi-layered security approach, quickly switch to the different cloud service providers in case of an attack, system shut down, or downtime without having to waste a single second waiting for the fix.


In this cut-throat market of innovation, modern technology is always at risk of cyber threats and attacks. Computex provides consultations and technical experts with the latest knowledge and capabilities to secure your setup.

End-point security Deployment and migration services by Computex offer enhanced and fool-proof security to avoid cyber intrusion. We assist you through configuration, testing, and overall implementation.

Firewall Protection With advanced security solutions, we ensure that the system responds in real-time to the constantly evolving technology environment and threat landscape.

Stealthwatch Integration It's always better to stay ahead of any glitch or a security threat. Computex offers network visibility and protection with error-free installation and integration into your network.


Enable your organization to be in sync with the established security standards and equip them for the future to pass IT and security audits in a much more efficient manner by prioritizing cyber investments.

Advanced Reports Reports An organization’s policies represent its IT controls and risk assessment capabilities. Computex helps achieve full visibility with advanced risk and threats reports along with heat maps.

Cyber Risk Management With risk scoring algorithms that come alongside the advanced security infrastructure of Computex, you’re able to analyze and identify the risks before any damage.

Cyber Compliance Complying with the lengthy and complicated cyber standards takes a lot of technical skill and effort. Leave that to Computex for efficient testing and compliance.

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