Customer Experience

Delighting Our Customers #1

Computex puts the Customer First, giving you the power of certified and specialized engineers and USA-based managed support. We complement that with data analytics, automation tools and regular reviews to drive your success:

360 View of your business

Scalability & Revenue Generating

Streamline onboarding

Increase product adoption

Deliver best-in-class services across the JOURNEY

Improve Operational efficiency


Client Success Team

Certified PMO is assigned to your project to ensure all the key individuals are regularly informed and responsibilities for delivery are clearly identified.

Project Manager

This group of engineers oversee procurement and deployment of your solutions based on industry best practices and execute statement of work.

Client Success Team

Our team will continuously manage maintenance contracts, warranties, and services. Keeping you up-to-date on any expiring contracts, warranties, and end-of-life products.

Life Cycle Management

The Client Services team prepares all of the quotes, deal registrations, and calculate the right price. They are the liaison between procurement and accounting on tracking existing orders. Handling the client’s day-to-day requests.

Client Services

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