Computex Named Best Places to Work

HOUSTON, TX, NOVEMBER 5, 2019—Computex Technology Solutions is delighted to announce it has been named to the 2019 Houston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list in the large company category honoring our employees. 

“We know that brainware, our people, is the backbone of our success and is engraved into our guiding principles,” said Chairman and CEO of Computex Sam Haffar. “We are proud of every team member that contributed to this award and look forward to continuously making the list year after year.”

The Best Places to Work list is ranked based on a variety of factors but the largest contributor is an internal anonymous survey that gets distributed to every Computex employee. 

“We were excited to hear that we had been selected as finalists this year,” said Director of Human Resources Niki Brown. “I contribute this to our culture.  We are able to continuously delight our customers because each team member is a part of each solution we provide.”

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