A Houston-based manufacturing company had just split off from its parent company. They needed an entirely new data center infrastructure, but they also needed to rapidly expand their services to make room for growth. Among all their quickly growing needs, they need a partner to provide value right away—their deployment roadmap left a small window for success.

We knew there were few solutions that could line up to meet all of these objectives and stand up to this company’s stringent requirements. We settled on the gold standard for flexibility and expansion: AWS.

Within days of architecting the solution, Computex had deployed its initial configurations and started testing. In less than two weeks, the customer was up and running on their new architecture and were expanding rapidly.

Months later, the customer continues to expand its services in AWS. Every critical service the customer relies on—from corporate communications to cybersecurity—is run on AWS. Computex continues to help the customer grow their business, and it’s thanks to Computex’s brainware and AWS’s suite of technical capabilities.

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