brainware: The Humans Behind the Solutions

At Computex, we always have one chief goal in mind: Delight our customers. It’s not just a phrase you’ll hear around the office or see written on a plaque in the breakroom, but a declaration of the steps we take to provide our clients with cutting-edge IT solutions to keep them a step ahead of the competition.

Recently, we sat down with our VP of Engineering, Duane White, to talk about exactly how we do this for our customers, and we quickly came to an oft-asked question: What is Brainware?

Or rather, whois Brainware?

According to Duane, it can be described quite simply: “It’s the guys with the technical expertise.”

It’s not a piece of software or an application, but the collective brainpower of a skilled team that never forgets what we do for our customers goes beyond the screen. They’re individuals with the highest technical certifications in the field, all of the industry experience from networking to cybersecurity, and the ability to say, “I’ve seen this before, and here’s how I can help you achieve your goals.”

“Their knowledge is their capital,” muses Duane. And as the leader of this talented team, there’s no one more qualified to speak to its strengths than he is.

Duane is far from your typical engineer. His eight years in the U.S. Marines made him adept at being pragmatic and efficient, and during his five years at Computex, he’s used those same qualities to lead the Brainware team in servicing clients with a variety of different needs while causing minimal disruption to their day-to-day.

“Companies have to keep the lights on and make sure their customers are being served. They don’t have time to take on other IT projects that could help them enhance services for their customers,” says Duane.

And that minimal disruption comes from close and constant communication, right from the start of our relationship with a client.

“When Computex comes to do a data center transformation, for example, we put together a TCO, where they should move, why they should move, what that looks like, and what the methodology is that we use to get them from point A to point B with minimal disruption. Then, we have multiple whiteboard sessions, walk hand-in-hand with the customer to understand what the actual value of their product is, and what their ROI is. So, once we go through a design phase and everyone is in agreeance about what needs to happen, we actively make that plan happen and run it to completion.”

It’s clear we’ve taken great care to perfect the formula we use with each customer, but what makes Computex an award-winning solutions provider is our ability to adapt. Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we tailer each solution to fit each one of customer needs.

“A customer may have a remote site, and it’s more cost effective to build the solution in Computex’s facility. So, we’ll package it up, ship it off, roll the rack in, and turn on the power. Up comes the application, and there’s instant access,” Duane explains. “Or, we may also have customers that want to purchase our equipment now, but might not want to start using it for 30, 60, even 90 days. So, what we can also do, is keep the equipment here. We’ll make sure it’s already configured, and when the customer is ready for it to go in, we’re ready to rock and roll. We’re here to make it easy for the customer. Plug and play.”

As a company that specializes in B2B products, we’re well aware that finding our customers solutions that can be implemented without shutting their doors is of the utmost importance. But, at the end of the day, the cost is key. Which is why Duane doesn’t stop at discussing the actionable steps we’ll take to achieve clients’ goals. He also takes the time to speak to them about the value we’re bringing to the table.

“When looking at ‘cost’— we try to stay away from that word. Because what you really want to look at, what you’re really asking about, is the value. It’s my responsibility to show a customer that we’re a high-value solution provider,” remarked Duane. “You have to ask yourself, ‘what level of expertise am I getting?’ An IE Level or an Architect Level is going to be associated with a higher cost. If you need a rack and stack or a control sheet, the cost is lower. We have a high level, IE cost, and a mid-level cost. The cost is relevant to the expertise and the value that that resource brings.”

Brainware is the resource that adds that high value because it’s a living, breathing entity. Just like our customers. We understand what it means to connect to the people we’re serving, and our success lies in the passion of the individuals that make up our team, and the sharp, intuitive leaders that helm it, like Duane.

By tapping into the humanity of technology, we go beyond providing the most innovative solutions and in return hope to delight our customers.

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